Anillos in Lake Oswego, OR

The public voted for Anillos, a sculpture by Maria Wickwire, located near the corner of A Avenue and First Street. Unfortunately, she was vandalized in July 2019. Maria is working with the Lake Oswego Arts Council on efforts to restore her. For details about what happened: Click Here

Anillos in Lake Oswego For the fourth year, the Lake Oswego Foundation for the Arts, in partnership with the city of Lake Oswego, offered to purchase a sculpture from the Gallery Without Walls rotating exhibit based on a popular vote by the citizens of Lake Oswego. Ten sculptures were nominated for this year’s vote. Anillos will become a part of the city’s permanent art collection. Ballots were available in newspapers, brochures, online and at the community event at the West End Building in April. This year there were volunteers passing out ballots on the streets for the final day of voting.

Anillos has greeted citizens and visitors as they head down toward Millennium Plaza Park and Lake View Village.

‘She makes me smile’ is one of the reasons this sculpture was chosen. Nominees this year were popular, and choosing just one seems to have been difficult for a number of people based on comments received on the ballots.

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The making of Anillos    (Slideshow)