Private Scenes and Brilliant Dreams

Perhaps the pieces in this series are faceless representations of the private spaces a spirit may visit when she needs to be alone with something or when a challenge seems insurmountable.

• Room With a View   

5.24″w x 16″h 9″d



• That Dream I Am Dreaming
5.5″w x 13″h x 3.5″d

• Touch Me Not   

14″w x 16.75″h x 5.5″d




5.25″ x 13.5″ x 3.5″

Surrender to the Flow

7.5″ x 9.75 ” x 8″


Never Alone

4.5″ x 7 ” x 4.5″


Perdita (Moon Child)

4.5″ x 7 ” x 4.5″


• Another Little Piece of My Heart

7.75″ x 5″ x 4.75″

• Gazing Into the Melted Night
4.5″w x 7.5″h x 3.5″d   

• Las Tres Hermanas Con Pajaritos

5.5″w x 12″h 5″d


Too Far From You

5″w x 13.75″h x 4.5″d

• Once There Was a Way    

9.75″w x 5.5″h x 4.75″d

On This Fresh Morning
8.5″w x 7.25″h x 7.25″d


• Till I Can Gain Control Again
5.75″w x 7.5″h x 3.5″d

• Must Be the Clouds in My Eyes 

5″ x 16.75″ x 5″

• Now a Daffodil in the Sun    

6″w x 7.5″h x 4.5″d

• In This House of Dreams

4.8″ x 18 ” x 3.5″

In My Hour of Need

5″ x 9.75″ x 4.25″

• The Wee Small Hours
5.25″w x 7.5″h x 5.5″d


• All These Places Have Their Moments    

7″w x 10″h x 8″d

May I Suggest?

5.5″w x 9.75″h x 4.25″d

I’m Not What I Appear To Be     

6″w x 8.75″h x 5″d

• These Memories Lose Their Meaning   

4.25″w x 24.75″h x 5.5″d

 There Is No One Compares With You

12″w x 14.75″h x 6″d

• Will I Wait a Lonely Lifetime?

8″ x 31” x 8″

When the Moon is in the Seventh House

5.5″ x 10.5 ” x 6″

• Dance Like No One is Watching

7.5″ x 19.25 ” x 7″