Upcoming Exhibits

Maria is exhibiting at the Jansen Art Center’s 2017 Summer Juried Exhibit in Lynden, WA, June-August.


• Visit Maria in her studio on beautiful Big Lake in Mount Vernon, July 15-16 during the NW Art Beat Open Studios Tour and see how she is inspired to create her sculptures!

Details at www.nwartbeat.com



“Wickwire’s intriguing clay sculptures of the female figure bring to view emotions of anguish and longing. She was a successful, published poet until she first touched clay and  discovered a direct connection between damp earth and her feeling hands.

“For Wickwire, clay is  female. As it takes form in her hands, it reveals a personality to which she intuitively responds. ‘I feel as if I am simply a conduit that allows her to step forth to tell her story,’ she says. Each masterfully modeled form reveals its nature in gestures and expressions and finds a name from snatches of remembered song to ancient myth, as ‘Daphne,’ ‘Cassandra,’ and the marvelous ‘Persephone‘ (in her private collection).”

Review by Stephen Hunter, Cascadia Weekly